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“Save the tigers” urges PM Hasina 

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has urged all to come forward to preserve the Sundarbans.

“Let us join hands to save tigers and save nature,” she said on Sunday at the inauguration of the second Global Tiger Stocktaking Conference in Dhaka.

“Wild tigers have for centuries occupied a special place in the nature and culture of Asia. The tiger has been declared the national animal of many countries and it is a symbol of strength and courage,” Hasina told the audience.

Unplanned human population growth, indiscriminate industrialization, destruction of forests and the overall development pressure were depleting tiger habitats, the prime minister said.

“At the same time, illegal poaching had made the tiger an endangered species. Over the last century, the population of this spectacular animal has been reduced from over one hundred thousand to a mere 3,700 worldwide now,” she added.

Hasina assured of the government’s full cooperation in protecting tigers. “I also hope that the tiger range countries would keep up their continued efforts for protecting tigers.”

She also emphasised the conservation of the Sundarbans.

“The Sundarbans, the largest mangrove forest in the world, covering an area of 6017 square kilometres, is the habitat of the world famous Royal Bengal Tiger.

“It has been playing a pivotal role in protecting the Sundarbans. The existence of the Sundarbans will be at stake without the Royal Bengal Tiger,” the prime minister said.

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