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9 amazing travel hacks 

Planning a Christmas getaway? Here are 10 ways to make travel easier…

1. The Adaptor

Forgotten your phone charger? Or simply stopping over for a short period without the correct country adaptor? Just use the USB port in your hotel television to charge your phone.

2. The Phone Stand

Tired of holding your phone to watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones? By sitting your sunglasses upside down, you’ll create the perfect phone stand for the plane.

3. The Photocopy

Make copies of your passport, plane tickets, birth certificate, health insurance and hotel booking information before you leave. Save these documents as PDFs on your iPad or print them out so that you can access them offline if urgently needed.

4. The Sock

By placing delicate or breakable items inside a sock when packing, you’ll ensure that they arrive at your destination in one piece.

5. The Rope

A long, thin piece of rope will prove invaluable, when you can create a makeshift washing line in your hotel room. It’s much easier than hanging your dripping clothes over the back of the chair in your hotel room.

6. The Clip

Binder clips are multi-talented and can be used to both protect your razor and to wind your headphones around so they don’t get tangled.

7. The Scarf

Packed at the top of your hand luggage, a scarf or sarong will ensure that you have an extra layer or a blanket when it’s cool and can cover up if required.

8. The Roll

Roll your clothes instead of folding to both reduce crinkles and create extra space in your bag.

9. The Ribbon

Every second person has the same black suitcase. To save yourself from picking up the wrong bag, attach a bright ribbon or sticker to yours. That way you’ll be able to spot it from a mile away on the airport conveyor belt.

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